Rapsodia (generator)
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Rapsodia Code Generator

This file is part of Rapsodia released under the LGPL. # The full COPYRIGHT notice can be found in the top # level directory of the Rapsodia distribution #

Isabelle Charpentier and Jean Utke


Rapsodia = rapide surcharge d'opérateur pour la différentiation automatique.

Rapsodia is a tool for the efficient computation of higher order derivative tensors. It consists of two parts.

  1. A Python-based generator producing C++ or Fortran code for the forward propagation of univariate Taylor polynomials. This code yields efficiency gains via explictly unrolled loops for a fixed derivative order and number of directions.

  2. Implementations of the algorithm to interpolate derivative tensor entries from univariate Taylor coefficients in C++ and Fortran

This part of the documentation covers the Python-based generator.