The latest version of the Rapsodia User Manual is available as PDF (last remade on Wednesday, 12-Mar-2014 23:00:26 CDT)

Like the Rapsodia sources itself, the LaTeX source files of the manual are kept under mercurial version control. Building the repository from the LaTeX sources requires some references to the Rapsodia installation and therefore this repository needs to be placed into the same directory that contains the root of the Rapsodia files. Please also see the README file found in the repository. The repository can be copied (cloned) with the following command:
hg clone
Subsequent updates can be incrementally downloaded and applied by running  (the URL part may be omitted if mercurial is configured to remember the clone location) 
hg pull
hg update

Contribute to  the manual repository using mercurial:
Because the repository mentioned above is read access only, external contributions have to be submitted as bundles. Assuming you made a change in your local repository and created a changeset
by  committing the change (see the mercurial wiki) you cannot directly push that change onto the server. Instead you can create a bundle
hg bundle <file_name_of_the_bundle>
and then send the resulting file by e-mail. We can then evaluate the changes and apply them to the main repository.