For information about the local testing setup see Rapsodia tests and cron jobs.
Regression test results:
OS host F90 C++ version date result
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-ia32 octopus gfortran g++ RM 2014-12-18_21:10:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-ia32 octopus gfortran g++ trunk 2014-12-18_19:10:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-ia32 octopus ifort icpc RM 2014-12-18_20:10:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-ia32 octopus ifort icpc trunk 2014-12-19_18:10:04
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 liszt gfortran g++ RM 2014-12-19_08:10:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 liszt gfortran g++ trunk 2014-12-19_06:10:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 liszt ifort icpc RM 2014-12-19_07:10:03
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 liszt ifort icpc trunk 2014-12-19_05:10:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 stomp af95 g++ RM 2014-12-18_21:40:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 stomp af95 g++ trunk 2014-12-18_18:40:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 stomp nagfor g++ RM 2014-12-18_22:40:01
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 stomp nagfor g++ trunk 2014-12-18_19:40:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 stomp pgf95 pgcpp RM 2014-12-18_23:40:02
linux-Ubuntu_12.04-x86_64 stomp pgf95 pgcpp trunk 2014-12-18_20:40:02

Some timing experiments are described in detail in a paper "Fast Higher-Order Derivative Tensors". In the following we give plots of timing results.
Fortran run time ratios 1
Fortran ratios opteron
Fortran runtime ratios 2
C++ ratios 1
C++ ratios 2