Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne presents tutorial on application simulations on high-performance computing networks

July 14, 2017

Two postdoctoral appointees, Misbah Mubarak of Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division and Nikhil Jain of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, presented a half-day tutorial on application simulations on high-performance computing networks.

The tutorial, held at Argonne on July 12, focused on the CODES/TraceR simulation framework, which facilitates studies of real-world applications on current and future networks. Traditional simulation approaches often lack the flexibility to scale easily, thus impacting the predication accuracy. With the CODES/TraceR framework, however, the researchers showed how production applications and their multijob workloads with customized job placement schemes can be simulated accurately and with minimal effort. In particular, the researchers presented case studies illustrating how the new framework can be used for conducting interesting design space explorations and procurement studies.

For more information on the CODES project, see the website: