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Beckman presents keynote address at ParCo2013

September 19, 2013

Pete Beckman, director of the Exascale Technology and Computing Institute, gave an invited talk at the International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo2013) in Munich, Germany, September 10.

Established in 1983, ParCo is one of the longest running international conferences on parallel computing. Over the years, the conference has become a primary platform for discussing state-of-the-art parallel computing strategies, technologies, methods, and tools.

Beckman spoke about “The Changing Software Stack of Extreme-Scale Supercomputers.” While researchers have enjoyed a stable software stack for almost two decades, dramatic changes loom. The basic technology for computing systems is changing. Power efficiency is now a key concern. CPU clock frequencies are no longer increasing. Instead, parallelism within a CPU is multiplying every year. Furthermore, architectures seem to be diverging, dividing the once cohesive software stack.

Beckman discussed how the new architectures for extreme-scale supercomputers will change programming models and how researchers can develop a new software stack that can respond dynamically to system power.

Beckman also introduced Argo, a new research project to design and prototype a next-generation operating system for extreme-scale platforms.  The project began in August and will explore how to address power, new architectures, and massive parallelism.