Argonne National Laboratory

Chicago Ideas Week Makes a Stop at Argonne

August 23, 2011

Chicago Ideas Week (October 10-16, 2011) will bring the world’s top speakers together with Chicago’s best thinkers to create an ecosystem of innovation, exploration, and intellectual recreation. A visit to Argonne National Lab is one of many unique, behind-the-scenes experiences allowing intimate groups of 30 (or less) a glimpse into the inner workings of businesses and institutions that are otherwise unavailable to the public.

The tour of Argonne will include several of Argonne's unique research areas and user facilities including: the Advanced Photon Source (APS), which provides scientists around the world with the brightest X-ray beams in the Western Hemisphere; The Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) which is a premier user facility for interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology research; The Advanced Powertrain Research Facility where vehicle systems and component evaluation are done in-situ and includes targeted vehicle instrumentation and measurement of fuel economy, emissions and power and energy flows from chassis dynamometer testing; and Argonne's visualization laboratory where you will see the latest simulations of blood flow to the explosion of a star on 24-million-pixel, sixteen-foot long display wall.