Argonne National Laboratory

RGG Training Offered

June 11, 2014

Argonne researchers will present training on RGG, the Reactor Geometry (and mesh) Generator, on June 12, 2014.

RGG is an open source tool for generating several types of nuclear reactor assembly/core geometry and mesh. It is part of the MeshKit mesh generation library developed at Argonne.

The training will include hands-on instruction for using the RGG nuclear graphical user interface (GUI) and two RGG tools: AssyGen and CoreGen.  During the training session the tools will be available on a virtual machine, and the GUI will be available for download from a public website.

Most parallel multiphysics simulations require large unstructured meshes that can be hard to generate on standalone desktop computers because of the high memory requirements, limited processing power, and other complexities. RGG uses a hierarchical lattice-based approach that greatly simplifies the generation of reactor core meshes. It also provides for coarse-grained parallelism during reactor assembly and reactor core mesh generation processes.

RGG tools have been used to generate modes for several large multiphysics simulations, including a very high-temperature reactor, a full-core model of the Korean MONJU reactor, part of a pressurized water reactor core, the fast reactor Experimental Breeder Reactor-II core with XX09 assembly, and an Advanced Breeder Test Reactor core.

The training will take place in Building 208, Room L110, at 1 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2014. For further information, contact Rajeev Jain (