Argonne National Laboratory

Ross delivers keynote address at database management conference

August 15, 2017

Rob Ross, senior scientist in Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division, gave a keynote address at the 29th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM). The conference, which was held in Chicago June 27-29, 2017, focused on high-performance data analysis tools and techniques for large datasets.

The intriguing title of Ross’s presentation was “A Renaissance for Data Management in HPC?” He spoke of “push and pull” driving change in high-performance computing, with data as a “first-class citizen.” SSDBM, he noted, is supporting such a renaissance – through research in technologies, data management, and analytics. He ended his presentation with a call for a data service ecosystem and a brief description of the Mochi project, which is exploring a software-defined storage approach for designing storage services for science applications at extreme scale.

For a copy of his presentation, see the website.