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Snir gives keynote address at distributed computing conference

Mark Snir, MCS Division director and Argonne Distinguished Fellow, gave a keynote address at the joint PODC/SPAA symposium in July 2013.

August 14, 2013
Lois Curfman McInnes
Congratulations for jobs well done!

Lois Curfman McInnes and Judith Stickels honored at UChicago Argonne Board of Governors Awards Ceremony

August 14, 2013
Folker Meyer gives KBase tutorial

Meyer gives Kbase tutorial

August 27, 2013
MCS Division researchers play major role in SC13

MCS will present papers, give tutorials, and conduct panels and workshops at SC13.

August 28, 2013
Catlett delivers keynote address on urban computing

Charlie Catlett gives keynote address at UrbComp workshop.

September 4, 2013
In his research, Michael Miksis applies mathematical and computational models to fluid dynamics, for applications in biology.  At Argonne, he studies the effects of electrical fields on cells, as well as the technique of drying cells to preserve them. Click to enlarge.
Northwestern professor reflects on mini-sabbatical at Argonne

As the first Northwestern University faculty member to participate in the new Argonne-Northwestern mini-sabbatical program, Michael Miksis has had the opportunity to collaborate with Argonne researchers in the Mathematics and Computer Science division and make valuable connections with scientists of various disciplines.

September 10, 2013
This visualization, part of a 1.1-trillion-particle simulation run on Argonne’s supercomputer Mira, shows the complexity of cosmological structure formation. (Image by H. Finkel, S. Habib, K. Heitmann, K. Kumaran, V. Morozov, T. Peterka, A. Pope, T. Williams, M. E. Papka, M. Hereld, and J. Insley, Argonne National Laboratory; D. Daniel, P. Fasel, N. Frontiere, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Z. Lukic, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.)
Exploring the dark universe at the speed of petaflops

An astonishing 95% of our universe is made of up dark energy and dark matter. Understanding the physics of this sector is the foremost challenge in cosmology today. Sophisticated simulations of the evolution of the universe play a crucial role.

September 13, 2013
The grid of the future

What will the electric grid look like in 10 years?

September 13, 2013
Beckman presents keynote address at ParCo2013

Pete Beckman, director of the Exascale Technology and Computing Institute, gave an invited talk at the International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo2013) in Munich, Germany, September 10.

September 19, 2013
Researchers win best paper and best poster awards at LDAV 2013

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory, together with several university colleagues, received awards at the 2013 IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV) held in Atlanta, Georgia, October 13-14.

November 5, 2013