Joseph Bester

Senior Software Developer

Joe Bester is developing Grid middleware. His work has focused on the Globus Toolkit.


Bester earned his B.S. degree in computer science from Harvey Mudd College. He has been working in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division for over a decade in dsitributed computing, where he has contributed to the GASS library and

Research Interests

  • Globus
  • GRAM Service for GT 4: Improving scalability of job monitoring for GT 4
  • WSRF C implementation

Past Projects

  • DSL system configuration and networking.
  • ESnet performance
  • New software tools
  • GlobusView
  • Grid Storage Client AP
  • GASS
  • Globus Testbed
  • SC'00 FTP Client Demo
  • Globus I/O Contention Performanc
  • Globus FTP Client Library
  • Log Daemon Client Library
  • GT 3 GRAM
  • NTCP C Gateway
  • GT 3.2 GRAM Improvements