Argonne National Laboratory

Lawrence Wos


Larry Wos is an emeritus scientist in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory; he joined the laboratory in February 1957. He (with colleagues) has written six books on automated reasoning; he was founding editor of the Journal of Automated Reasoning; and he has been president of the Association for Automated Reasoning since its formulation in 1982.

Wos's introduction of the notion of strategy into automated reasoning transformed the field from having potential to realizing that potential. A strong believer in experimentation, he has used automated reasoning programs to answer open questions from such diverse fields as ternary Boolean algebra, finite semigroups, combinatory logic, and equivalential calculus.

As a tribute to his work, Wos (with a colleague) in 1983 won the first American Mathematical Society Automated Theorem-Proving Prize for Current Achievements in automated theorem proving. He also received the first Herbrand Award for exceptional contributions to the field of automated deduction in 1992.