Argonne National Laboratory

Rajeev Jain

Software Development Specialist

Rajeev Jain is the primary research lead on the mesh generation algorithms (MeshKit package) and is actively involved with the development of the SIGMA toolkit at Argonne National Laboratory. He is also the primary developer of the RGG toolkit that is focused on mesh generation for nuclear reactor models. Rajeev has been with Argonne for the past 6 years and has worked closely with application scientists to generate physics-specific unstructured meshes for several complex nuclear reactor assembly and core models, which were successfully utilized in challenging, multiphysics simulation problems.

Rajeev holds a Masters degree in structural engineering, with a minor in computer science from Arizona State University. He has also published several papers on RGG and mesh generation algorithms in journals and international conferences.

Research Interests

  • Software Development
  • Mesh Generation/Tools
  • Design Optimization
  • Physics Simulation