petsc-3.4.4 2014-03-13


iterates through a hypercube lc, uc, idx all have to be valid arrays of size dim This function return PETSC_FALSE, if idx exceeds uc, PETSC_TRUE otherwise. There are no guarantees on what happens if idx is not in the hypercube spanned by lc, uc, this should be checked with ADDAHCiterStartup.


#include "petscdmadda.h" 
PetscBool  ADDAHCiter(const PetscInt dim, const PetscInt *const lc, const PetscInt *const uc, PetscInt *const idx)

Use this code as follows

if (ADDAHCiterStartup(dim, lc, uc, idx)) { do { ... } while (ADDAHCiter(dim, lc, uc, idx)); }

Input Parameters

dim - the number of dimension
lc - the "lower" corner
uc - the "upper" corner

Output Parameters

idx -the index that this function increases

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