petsc-3.8.3 2017-12-09
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Generates a mesh adapted to the specified metric field using the pragmatic library.


#include "petscdm.h"          
#include "petscdmlabel.h"     
#include "petscds.h"     
PetscErrorCode DMAdaptMetric(DM dm, Vec metric, DMLabel bdLabel, DM *dmAdapt)

Input Parameters

dm - The DM object
metric - The metric to which the mesh is adapted, defined vertex-wise.
bdLabel - Label for boundary tags, which will be preserved in the output mesh. bdLabel should be NULL if there is no such label, and should be different from "_boundary_".

Output Parameter

dmAdapt -Pointer to the DM object containing the adapted mesh

Note: The label in the adapted mesh will be registered under the name of the input DMLabel object

See Also

DMAdaptLabel(), DMCoarsen(), DMRefine()

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