petsc-3.7.6 2017-04-24
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Gets the application ordering context for a distributed array.


#include "petscdmda.h"   
PetscErrorCode  DMDAGetAO(DM da,AO *ao)
Collective on DMDA

Input Parameter

da -the distributed array

Output Parameters

ao -the application ordering context for DMDAs


In this case, the AO maps to the natural grid ordering that would be used for the DMDA if only 1 processor were employed (ordering most rapidly in the x-direction, then y, then z). Multiple degrees of freedom are numbered for each node (rather than 1 component for the whole grid, then the next component, etc.)

Do NOT call AODestroy() on the ao returned by this function.


distributed array, get, global, indices, local-to-global

See Also

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DMGlobalToLocalBegin(), DMGlobalToLocalEnd(), DMLocalToLocalBegin(), DMLocalToLocalEnd(), DMDAGetOwnershipRanges(), AO, AOPetscToApplication(), AOApplicationToPetsc()

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