petsc-3.7.6 2017-04-24
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Produce the element residual vector for a chunk of elements by quadrature integration over a boundary


#include "petscfe.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscFEIntegrateBdResidual(PetscFE fem, PetscDS prob, PetscInt field, PetscInt Ne, PetscFECellGeom *geom,
                                          const PetscScalar coefficients[], const PetscScalar coefficients_t[], PetscDS probAux, const PetscScalar coefficientsAux[], PetscScalar elemVec[])
Not collective

Input Parameters

fem - The PetscFE object for the field being integrated
prob - The PetscDS specifying the discretizations and continuum functions
field - The field being integrated
Ne - The number of elements in the chunk
geom - The cell geometry for each cell in the chunk
coefficients - The array of FEM basis coefficients for the elements
coefficients_t - The array of FEM basis time derivative coefficients for the elements
probAux - The PetscDS specifying the auxiliary discretizations
coefficientsAux - The array of FEM auxiliary basis coefficients for the elements

Output Parameter

elemVec -the element residual vectors from each element

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