petsc-3.7.6 2017-04-24
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Sends an SMS to an American/Canadian phone number


PetscErrorCode PetscTextBelt(MPI_Comm comm,const char number[],const char message[],PetscBool *flg)
Not collective, only the first process in MPI_Comm does anything

Input Parameters

comm - the MPI communicator
number - the 10 digit telephone number
message - the message

Output Parameter

flg -PETSC_TRUE if the text was sent

Notes: TextBelt is run for testing purposes only, please do not use this feature often

Developer Notes: I do not know how to make the buff[] long enough to receive the "success" string but short enough that the code does not hang waiting for part of the message to arrive that does not exist, hence the success flg may be improperly set to false even though the message was delivered.

See Also

PetscOpenSocket(), PetscHTTPRequest()

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