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Ends the block of code that will count the number of nonzeros per row in a matrix providing the data that one can use to correctly preallocate the matrix.


PetscErrorCode MatPreallocateFinalize(PetscInt *dnz, PetscInt *onz)
Collective on MPI_Comm

Input Parameters

dnz - the array that was be passed to the matrix preallocation routines
ozn - the other array passed to the matrix preallocation routines


See the <A href="../../docs/manual.pdf#nameddest=Chapter 11 Hints for Performance Tuning">Hints for Performance Improvment</A> chapter in the users manual for more details.

Do not malloc or free dnz and onz that is handled internally by these routines

This is a MACRO not a function because it closes the { started in MatPreallocateInitialize().

See Also

MatPreallocateInitialize(), MatPreallocateSet(), MatPreallocateSymmetricSet(), MatPreallocateSetLocal(),

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