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Accelerating Science Gateway Development with Web 2.0 and Swift

TitleAccelerating Science Gateway Development with Web 2.0 and Swift
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWu, W, Uram, TD, Wilde, M, Hereld, M, Papka, ME
Conference NameTG '10
Date Published06/2010
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1765-0610

A Science Gateway is a computational web portal that includes a community-developed set of tools, applications, and data customized to enable scientists to run scientific simulations, data analysis, and visualization through their web browsers. The major problem of building a science gateway on a Grid environment such as TeraGrid is how to deploy scientific applications rapidly on computational resources and expose these applications as web services to scientists. Although many web-service frameworks have been designed and applied in building domain-specific science gateways, most of these efforts only addressed the issue of adding scientific applications as SOAP services into a service container; they usually don\'t provide solutions to support web interface generation. Developers still need to spend a lot of time learning web programming to implement a user-friendly and interactive web interface to these services. In this paper we propose a new application framework that can greatly accelerate the development cycle of science gateway systems. This framework enables science gateway developers to import their domain-specific scientific workflow scripts and generate Web 2.0 gadgets for running these application workflows and visualizing the output from workflow executions without writing any web related code. By assembling these application specific gadgets and some common gadgets predefined in the framework for workflow management, developers can easily set up a customized computational science gateway to meet community requirements. We demonstrate the utility of the framework with an example from computational biochemistry.