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ADEM: An Automation Tool for Application Software Deployment and Management on OSG

TitleADEM: An Automation Tool for Application Software Deployment and Management on OSG
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHou, Z, Wilde, M, Zhou, X, Foster, IT, Tie, J
Date Published08/2009
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1659-0809

In the grid environment, the problem of application software deployment and management is a major practical challenge for the end-users. Manual operation is error-prone and not scalable to large grids. In this work, we propose an automation tool for Application software DEployment and Management on Open Science Grid: ADEM. On the basis of the grid middleware Globus, it is integrated with pacman.
Currently, it can be adaptive to pre-build and dynamic build approaches. NMI B&T system is adopted for the pre-build function. After the application software packaging, ADEM is mainly for automatic deployment, update or removing. The automatic workflow includes automatically getting the available grid sites with their
signatures, site signature based automatic deployment or management on a set of grid sites in parallel, automatic dependencies check and integration, automatically preventing some possible errors, automatically getting the results. And the provenance tracking is helpful for the troubleshooting of potential exceptions. Some experiment results on Open Science Grid (OSG) show that ADEM is easy to use, more successful and efficient than manual operation.