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Automatic Differentiation of Codes in Nuclear Engineering Applications

TitleAutomatic Differentiation of Codes in Nuclear Engineering Applications
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAlexe, M, Roderick, O, Utke, J, Anitescu, M, Hovland, PD, Fanning, T
Date Published12/2009
Other NumbersANL/MCS-TM-310

<p>We discuss our experience in applying automatic differentiation (AD) to calculations in nuclear reactor applications. The document is intended as a guideline on how to apply AD to Fortran codes with significant legacy components; it is also a part of a larger research effort in uncertainty quantification using sampling methods augmented with derivative information. We provide a brief theoretical description of the concept of AD,explain the necessary changes in the code structure, and remark on possible ways to deal with non-differentiability. Numerical experiments were carried out where the derivative of a functional subset of the SAS4A/SASSYS code was computed in forward mode with several AD tools. The results are in good agreement with both the real and complex finite-difference approximations of the derivative.</p>