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CFD VAlidation in OECD/NEA T-Junction Benchmark

TitleCFD VAlidation in OECD/NEA T-Junction Benchmark
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsObabko, AV, Fischer, PF, Tautges, TJ, Karabasov, S, Goloviznin, VM, Zaytsev, MA, Chudanov, VV, Pervichkno, VA, Aksenova, AE
Date Published06/2011
Other NumbersANL/NE-11/25

We compare and contrast simulation results for three computational fluid dynamics codes CABARET, Conv3D, and Nek5000 for the T-junction thermal striping problem that was the focus of a recent OECD/NEA blind benchmark. The corresponding codes utilize finite-difference implicit large eddy simulation (ILES), finite-volume LES on fully staggered grids, and an LES spectral element method (SEM), respectively. The simulations results are in a good agreement with experimental data. We present results from a study of sensitivity to computational mesh and time integration interval, and discuss the next steps in the simulation of this problem.