Argonne National Laboratory

Chrono-CDI: Coherent diffractive imaging of time-evolving samples

TitleChrono-CDI: Coherent diffractive imaging of time-evolving samples
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsUlvestad, A, Tripathi, A, Hruszkewycz, SO, Cha, W, Fuoss, PH, Wild, SM, Stephenson, GB
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P5430-1115

Bragg coherent x-ray diffractive imaging is a powerful technique for investigating dynamic nanoscale pro- cesses in nanoparticles immersed in reactive, realistic environments. Its temporal resolution is limited, however, by the oversampling requirements of 3D phase retrieval. Here we show that incorporating the entire measure- ment time series, which is typically a continuous physical process, into phase retrieval allows the oversampling requirement at each time step to be reduced leading to a subsequent improvement in the temporal resolution by a factor of 2-20 times. The increased time resolution will allow imaging of faster dynamics and of radiation- dose-sensitive samples. This approach, which we call “chrono CDI,” may find use in improving time resolution in other imaging techniques.