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CODES: Enabling Co-Design of Multi-Layer Exascale Storage Architectures

TitleCODES: Enabling Co-Design of Multi-Layer Exascale Storage Architectures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCope, J, Liu, N, Lang, S, Carothers, CD, Ross, RB
Conference NameWorkshop on Emerging Supercomputing Technologies 2011 (WEST 2011)
Conference LocationTuscon, AZ
AbstractPerformance and reliability design constraints for exascale storage systems are signifi cant challenges for HPC system designers. We are developing the CODES simulation toolkit to equip system designers with simulation tools so that they better understand the features and design constraints of exascale storage systems. The goal for CODES is to enable the exploration and co-design of exascale storage systems by providing a detailed, accurate, and highly parallel simulation toolkit for exascale storage. In this paper, we present the capabilities of the CODES tools that allow systems designers to assess exascale storage system designs. We demonstrate the use of CODES to evaluate a potential exascale storage network model and storage system features.