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The Common Component Architecture for Particle Accelerator Simulations

TitleThe Common Component Architecture for Particle Accelerator Simulations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDechow, D, Norris, B, Amundson, JF
Conference NameOOPSLA 2007
Conference LocationMontreal, Canada
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1449-0807
AbstractSynergia2 is a beam dynamics modeling and simulation application for high-energy accelerators such as the Tevatron at Fermilab and the International Linear Collider, which is now under planning and development. Synergia2 is a hybrid, multilanguage software package comprised of two separate accelerator physics packages (Synergia and MaryLie/Impact) and one high-performance computer science package (PETSc). We describe our approach to producing a set of beam dynamics-specific software components based on the Common Component Architecture specification. Among other topics, we describe particular experiences with the following tasks: using Python steering to guide the creation of interfaces and to prototype components; working with legacy Fortran codes; and an example component-based, beam dynamics simulation.