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The Community Software Repository from XSEDE

TitleThe Community Software Repository from XSEDE
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsNavarro, JP, Knepper, R, Liming, L, Dahan, M, Lifka, D, Stewart, CA
Conference NamePEARC17: Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing 2017 on Sustainability, Success and Impact08/2017
Conference LocationNew Orleans
AbstractThe Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) [1] aims to connect cyberinfrastructure (CI) resources, software, and services. By bringing together advanced digital infrastructure, expert support, and training services, XSEDE enables scholars, researchers, and engineers to participate in multidisciplinary collaborations that seamlessly access advanced computing resources and share data to tackle society’s grand challenges. Software enables this endeavor by connecting infrastructure elements into an integrated CI and by enabling users to access that CI. Since XSEDE is not funded to develop new integrating and access software it must engage with a community of developers, integrators, vendors, users, operators, and funding agencies to document requirements; develop, share, and deploy software; and provide software documentation, training, and support. To manage these software related activities XSEDE has adopted tools. Since these are community activities and not just XSEDE activities, XSEDE is now sharing its tools thru a new Community Software Repository (CSR) service. By providing an online service where software providers and consumers can engage in these software activities we will accelerate collaboration and expand software based CI capabilities in XSEDE. This paper describes the CSR vision and strategy, current capabilities, future plans, and related XSEDE efforts.