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Computational Nuclear Quantum Many-Body Problem: The UNEDF Project

TitleComputational Nuclear Quantum Many-Body Problem: The UNEDF Project
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBogner, S, Bulgac, A, Carlson, J, Engel, J, Fann, G, Furnstahl, RJ, Gandolfi, S, Hagen, G, Horoi, M, Johnson, C, Kortelainen, M, Lusk, EL, Maris, P, Nam, H, Navratil, P, Nazarewicz, W, Ng, E, Nobre, GPA, Ormand, E, Papenbrock, T, Pei, J, Pieper, SC, Quaglioni, S, Roche, KJ, Sarich, J, Schunck, N, Sosonkina, M, Terasaki, J, Thompson, I, Vary, JP, Wild, SM
JournalComputer Physics Communications
Date Published10/2013
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P4066-0413
AbstractThe UNEDF project was a large-scale collaborative effort that applied high-performance computing to the nuclear quantum many-body problem. UNEDF demonstrated that close associations among nuclear physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists can lead to novel physics outcomes built on algorithmic innovations and computational developments. This review showcases a wide range of UNEDF science results to illustrate this interplay.