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Coordinated Platoon Routing in a Metropolitan Network

TitleCoordinated Platoon Routing in a Metropolitan Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLarson, J, Munson, T, Sokolov, V
Conference NameSIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing (CSC16)
Conference LocationAlbuquerque, NM
AbstractPlatooning vehicles—connected and automated vehicles traveling with small intervehicle distances—use less fuel because of reduced aerodynamic drag. Given a network defined by vertex and edge sets and a set of vehicles with origin/destination nodes/times, we model and solve the combinatorial optimization problem of coordinated routing of vehicles in a manner that routes them to their destination on time while using the least amount of fuel. Common approaches decompose the platoon coordination and vehicle routing into separate problems. Our model addresses both problems simultaneously to obtain the best solution. We use modern modeling techniques and constraints implied from analyzing the platoon routing problem to address larger numbers of vehicles and larger networks than previously considered. While the numerical method used is unable to certify optimality for candidate solutions to all networks and parameters considered, we obtain excellent solutions in approximately one minute for much larger networks and vehicle sets than previously considered in the literature.