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Distributed Collaborative Radiological Visualization using Access Grid

TitleDistributed Collaborative Radiological Visualization using Access Grid
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSilverstein, JC, Dech, F, Binns, J, Jones, D, Papka, ME, Stevens, RL
JournalMedicine Meets Virtual Reality 13: The Magical Next Becomes the Medical Now
Date Published01/2005

<p>This paper describes early technical success toward enabling high quality distributed shared volumetric visualization of radiological data in concert with multipoint video collaboration using Grid infrastructures. Key principles are the use of commodity off-the-shelf hardware for client machines and open source software to permit deployment of over a large and diverse group of sites. Key software used includes the Access Grid Toolkit, the Visualization Toolkit, and Chromium.</p>