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Distributed Multipath Routing Algorithm for Data Center Networks

TitleDistributed Multipath Routing Algorithm for Data Center Networks
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJung, E, Vishwanath, V, Kettimuthu, R
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P5211-1014

Multipath routing has been studied in diverse contexts such as wide-area networks and wireless networks in order to minimize the finish time of data transfer or the latency of message sending. The fast adoption of cloud computing for various applications including high-performance computing applications has drawn more attention to efficient network utilization through adaptive or multipath routing methods. However, the previous studies have not exploit multiple paths in a optimized way while scaling well with a large number of hosts for some reasons such as high time complexity of algorithms.
In this paper, we propose a scalable distributed flow scheduling algorithm that can exploit multiple paths in data center networks. We develop our algorithm based on linear programming and evaluate the algorithm in FatTree network topologies, one of several recent advanced data center network topologies. The results show that the distributed algorithm performs much better than the centralized algorithm in terms of running time and is comparable to the centralized algorithm within 10% increased finish time in terms of data transfer time.