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Exascale Workload Characterization and Architecture Implications

TitleExascale Workload Characterization and Architecture Implications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBalaprakash, P, Buntinas, D, Chan, A, Guha, A, Gupta, R, Narayanan, SHK, Chien, AA, Hovland, PD, Norris, B
Conference Name21st High Performance Computing Synposium
Date Published04/2012
Conference LocationSan Diego
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P4034-0213

Emerging exascale architectures bring forth new challenges related to heterogeneous systems power, energy, cost, and resilience. These new challenges require a shift from conventional paradigms in understanding how to best exploit and optimize these features and limitations.

Our objective is to identify the top few dominant characteristics in a set of applications. Understanding these characteristics will allow the community to build and exploit customized architectures and tools best suited to optimize each dominant characteristic in the application domain. Every application will typically be composed of multiple characteristics and thus will use several of the customized accelerators and tools during its execution phases, with the eventual goal of using the entire system efficiently.