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GEMS: User Control for Cooperative Scientific Repositories

TitleGEMS: User Control for Cooperative Scientific Repositories
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsWozniak, JM, Bremer, P, Chatterjee, S, Thain, D, Striegel, A, Izaguirre, J
Book TitleComputational and Data Grids: Principles, Applicaitons and Design
PublisherIGI Global

Opportunistic techniques have been widely used to create computational infrastructures and have demonstrated an ability to deliver computing resources to large applications. However, the management of disk space and usage in such systems is often neglected. While overarching filesystems have been applied, these limit the ability of subgroups within an organization to customize and optimize system behavior. Explicit data placement techniques offer more utility but may bury users with the complexity of system specifics and scripts. New solutions to storage problems will require new approaches to data abstraction, archive survivability, security models, and data delivery to consumers. In this chapter, we describe design concepts used in the GEMS storage system within which users may
specify abstract resource structures and policies for their data.