Argonne National Laboratory

The Globus Striped GridFTP Framework and Server

TitleThe Globus Striped GridFTP Framework and Server
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAllcock, WE, Bresnahan, J, Kettimuthu, R, Link, M, Dumitrescu, CL, Raicu, I, Foster, IT
Date Published07/2005
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1275-0705

The GridFTP extensions to the File Transfer protocol define a general-purpose mechanism for secure, reliable, high-performance data movement. We report here on the Globus striped GridFTP framework, a set of client and server libraries designed to support the construction of data-intensive tools and applications. We describe the design of both this framework and a striped GridFTP server constructed within the framework. We show that this server is faster than other FTP servers in both single-process and striped configurations, achieving, for example, speeds of 27.3 Gbit/s memory-to-memory and 17 Gbit/s disk-to-disk over a 60 millisecond round trip time, 30 Gbit/s network. In another experiment, we show that this server can support 1800 concurrent clients without excessive load. We argue that this combination of performance and modular structure make the Globus GridFTP framework both a good foundation on which to build tools and applications, and a unique testbed for the study of innovative data management techniques and network protocols.