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High-Resolution Remote Rendering of Large Datasets in a Collaborative Environment

TitleHigh-Resolution Remote Rendering of Large Datasets in a Collaborative Environment
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKaronis, NT, Papka, ME, Binns, J, Bresnahan, J, Insley, JA, Jones, D, Link, JM
Series TitleFuture Generation Computer Systems
Date Published02/2003
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1030-0203

In a time when computational and data resources are distributed around the globe, users need to interact with these resources and each other easily and efficiently. The Grid, by definition, represents a connection of distributed resources that can be used regardless of the user\'s location. We have built a prototype visualization system using the Globus Toolkit, MPICH-G2, and the Access Grid in order to explore how future scientific collaborations may occur over the Grid. We describe our experience in demonstrating our system at iGrid2002, where the United States and the Netherlands were connected via a high-latency, high-bandwidth network. In particular, we focus on issues related to a grid-based application that couples a collaboration component (including a user interface to the Access Grid) with a high-resolution remote rendering component.