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A High-Throughput X-Ray Microtomography System at the Advanced Photon Source

TitleA High-Throughput X-Ray Microtomography System at the Advanced Photon Source
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWang, Y, De Carlo, F, Mancini, DC, McNulty, I, Tieman, B, Bresnahan, J, Foster, IT, Insley, JA, Lane, P, von Laszewski, G
Series TitleRev. of Scientific Instruments
Date Published04/2001
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P887-0401

A third-generation synchrotron radiation source provides enough brilliance to acquire complete tomographic data sets at 100 nm or better resolution in a few minutes. To take advantage of such high-brilliance sources at the Advanced Photon Source, we have constructed a pipelined data acquisition and reconstruction system that combines a fast detector system, high-speed data networks, and massively parallel computers to rapidly acquire the projection data and perform the reconstruction and rendering calculations. With the current setup, a data set can be obtained and reconstructed in tens of minutes. A specialized visualization computer makes rendered three-dimensional (3D) images available to the beamline users minutes after the data acquisition is completed. This system is capable of examining a large number of samples at sub-�m 3D resolution or studying the full 3D structure of a dynamically evolving sample on a 10 min temporal scale. In the near future, we expect to increase the spatial resolution to below 100 nm by using zone-plate x-ray focusing optics and to improve the time resolution by the use of a broadband x-ray monochromator and a faster detector system.