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Hybrid Programming and Performance for Beam Propagation Modeling

TitleHybrid Programming and Performance for Beam Propagation Modeling
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMin, MS, Fu, J, Mametjanov, A
Conference Name11th International Computatioal Accelerator Physics Conference (ICAP 2012)
Date Published09/2012
Conference LocationRostock-Warnemunde, Germany
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P3033-0812

We examined hybrid parallel infrastructures in order to ensure performance and scalability for beam propagation modeling as we move toward extreme-scale systems. Using an MPI programming interface for parallel algorithms, we expanded the capability of our existing electromagnetic solver to a hybrid (MPI/shared-memory) model that can potentially use the computer resources on future-generation computing architecture more efficiently. As a preliminary step, we discuss a hybrid MPI/OpenMP model and demonstrate performance and analysis on the leadership class computing systems such as the IBM BG/P, BG/Q, and Cray XK6. Our hybrid MPI/OpenMP model achieves speedup when the computation amounts are large enough to compensate the OMP threading overhead.