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Instant GridFTP

TitleInstant GridFTP
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKettimuthu, R, Lacinski, L, Link, M, Pickett, K, Tuecke, S, Foster, IT
Conference Name9th Workshop on High Performance Grid and Cloud Computing
Date Published05/2012
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P2052-0212

A foundational need in high-performance computing is to move large (multi gigabyte and even terabyte) datasets between sites. Simple file transfer mechanisms such as FTP and SCP are not sufficient from either a reliability or performance perspective. GridFTP is the de facto standard protocol for transferring large data files in production GridlHPC environments. GridFTP extends the standard FTP protocol to provide a high performance, secure, reliable data transfer protocol optimized for high-bandwidth wide area networks.