Argonne National Laboratory

Introduction to Building Projection-based Tiled Display Systems

TitleIntroduction to Building Projection-based Tiled Display Systems
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHereld, M, Judson, IR, Stevens, RL
Date Published05/2000
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P822-0500

In this paper we introduce the concepts and technologies used to build tiled display systems. The motivations for construction of tiled displays are manyfold. For some applications one is limited by the resolution of today\'s single displays. In other applications the desire is to produce a large-format display with high resolution per unit area. And in others there is interest in embedding the display into the working environment in a way that the display becomes an extension of the traditional desktop display environment. Tiled displays are an emerging technology for constructing semi-immersive visualization environments capable of presenting high-resolution images from scientific simulation. In this way, they complement other technologies such as the CAVE or ImmersaDeskK, which by design give up pure resolution in favor of width of view and stereo. However, the largest impact may well be in using large-format tiled displays as one of possibly multiple displays in building \"information\" or \"active\" spaces that surround the user with diverse ways of interacatingwith data and multimedia information flows. These environments may prove to be the ultimate successor of the desktop metaphor for information technology work.