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Leveraging Burst Buffer Coordination to Prevent I/O Interference

TitleLeveraging Burst Buffer Coordination to Prevent I/O Interference
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsKougkas, A, Dorier, M, Latham, R, Ross, R, Sun, X-H
Conference Name2016 IEEE 12th international conference on e-Science
Date Published03/2016
Conference LocationBaltimore, MD
AbstractConcurrent accesses to the shared storage resources in cur- rent HPC machines lead to severe performance degradation caused by I/O contention. In this study, we identify some key challenges to effi- ciently handling interleaved data accesses, and we propose a systemwide solution to optimize global performance. We implemented and tested sev- eral I/O scheduling policies, including prioritizing specific applications by leveraging burst buffers to defer the conflicting accesses from another ap- plication and/or directing the requests to different storage servers inside the parallel file system infrastructure. The results show that we mitigate the negative effects of interference and optimize the performance up to 2x depending on the selected I/O policy.