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Massively Parallel Genomic Sequence Search on the Blue Gene/P Architecture

TitleMassively Parallel Genomic Sequence Search on the Blue Gene/P Architecture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsLin, H, Balaji, P, Poole, R, Sosa, C, Ma, X, Feng, W
Date Published11/2008
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1602-1108

This paper presents our first experiences in mapping and optimizing genomic sequence search onto the massively parallel IBM Blue Gene/P (BG/P) platform. Specifically, we performed our work on mpiBLAST, a parallel sequence-search code that has been optimized on numerous supercomputing environments. In doing so, we identify several critical performance issues. Consequently, we propose and study different approaches for mapping sequence-search and parallel I/O tasks on such massively parallel architectures.We demonstrate that our optimizations can deliver nearly linear scaling (93% efficiency) on up to 32,768 cores of BG/P. In addition, we show that such scalability enables us to complete a large-scale bioinformatics problem � sequence searching a microbial genome database against itself to support the discovery of missing genes in genomes � in only a few hours on BG/P. Previously, this problem was viewed as computationally intractable in practice.