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Middleware for Dynamic Adaptation of Component Applications

TitleMiddleware for Dynamic Adaptation of Component Applications
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsNorris, B, Bhowmick, S, Kaushik, DK, McInnes, LCurfman
Date Published08/2006
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1365-0806

Component- and service-based software engineering approaches have been gaining popularity in high-performance scientific computing, facilitating the creation and management of large multidisciplinary, multideveloper applications, and providing opportunities for improved performance and numerical accuracy. These software engineering approaches enable the development of middleware infrastructure for computational quality of service (CQoS), which provides performance optimizations through dynamic algorithm selection and configuration in a mostly automated fashion. The factors that affect performance are closely tied to a component\'s parallel implementation, its management of parallel communication and memory, the algorithms executed, the algorithmic parameters employed, and other operational characteristics. We present the design of a component middleware CQoS architecture for automated composition and adaptation of high-performance component- or service-based applications. We describe its initial implementation and corresponding experimental results for parallel simulations involving time-dependent nonlinear partial differential equations.