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Modeling Resource-Coupled Computations

TitleModeling Resource-Coupled Computations
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHereld, M, Insley, JA, Olson, E, Papka, ME, Uram, TD, Vishwanath, V
Conference Name2009 Ultrascale Visualization Workshop
Date Published11/2009
Conference LocationPortland, OR
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1724.pdf
AbstractIncreasingly massive datasets produced by simulations beg the question How will we connect this data to the computational and display resources that support visualization and analysis? This question is driving research into new approaches to allocating computational, storage, and network resources. In this paper we explore potential solutions that couple system resources in new ways. Examples of what we mean by resource-coupled computations abound. For example, remote visualization is an activity that may couple data and large computation resources at the shared facility to client software and display hardware at the remote site. In situ analysis and visualization contemporaneously merges simulation and analysis onto the shared resource of the supercomputing platform. Co-analysis approaches seek to directly couple simulations running on a primary supercomputer to live analysis running on an optimized visualization and analysis platform over a high-performance network. Consequently, we are working on a systems approach to modeling the end-to-end activity of extracting understanding from computational models. In this paper we present our methods and results from experiments.