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The National Fusion Collaboratory Project: Applying Grid Technology for Magnetic Fusion Research

TitleThe National Fusion Collaboratory Project: Applying Grid Technology for Magnetic Fusion Research
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSchissel, DP, Keahey, K, Araki, T, Burruss, JR, Feibush, E, Flanagan, SM, Fredian, TW, Greenwald, MJ, Klasky, SA, Leggett, T, Li, K, McCune, DC, Lane, P, Papka, ME, Peng, Q, Randerson, L, Sanderson, A, Stillerman, J, Thompson, MR, Wallace, G
Date Published03/2004
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1133-0304

The overall goal of the DOE SciDAC-funded U.S. National Fusion Collaboratory Project ( is to improve the productivity of fusion sciences research through the development and deployment of advanced software tools that reduce the technical barriers to collaboration and sharing on a national scale. Our vision is to make resources, data, and computers, along with analysis, simulation, and visualization codes, widely and transparently available as network-accessible services, thereby enabling real-time multi-institutional collaboration on fusion experiments and improving comparisons between experiments and theory.

The project unites fusion and computer science researchers to develop and deploy a national Fusion Energy Sciences Grid (FusionGrid), a system for secure sharing of computation, visualization, and data resources over the Internet. Some of the early prototype FusionGrid services proved so successful they are now used in a production environment for everyday fusion research. The success of other prototype services has resulted in fusion research funds being used to purchase necessary hardware to create production services. Future work is planned to augment the services currently available with FusionGrid, transition prototype services to production capability, and put in place the infrastructure to support a larger user base.