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Quasi Real-Time Microtomography Experiments at Photon Sources

TitleQuasi Real-Time Microtomography Experiments at Photon Sources
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2000
Authorsvon Laszewski, G, Su, M-H, Foster, IT, Kesselman, C
Date Published03/2000
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P802-0300

Computed microtomography (CMT) is a powerful tool for obtaining nondestructively a three-dimensional view of the internal structure of opaque objects. In contrast to the widespread use of this technique in the millimeter scale as part of diagnostic procedures in hospitals, we are interested in the investigation of objects on the micrometer scale. An application of this method is, for example, the quality control processes during the production of three-dimensional semiconductor wavers. Being able to visualize the details of chip wavers in all three dimensions allows engineers to improve the chip design before production. Other examples can be found in the field of earth science, where common tasks include investigation of the interior of a very small meteorite and study of the enclosures of very tiny matmerials in opaque diamonds formed 100,000 years ago, in order to determine more about the origin and development of the earth.