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A RESTful API for Accessing Microbial Community Data for MG-RAST

TitleA RESTful API for Accessing Microbial Community Data for MG-RAST
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWilke, A, Bischof, J, Harrison, T, Brettin, T, D'Souza, M, Gerlach, W, Matthews, H, Paczian, T, Wilkening, J, Glass, EM, Desai, NL, Meyer, F
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P5036-1113
AbstractMetagenomic sequencing has produced significant amounts of data in recent years. For example, as  of summer 2013, MG-RAST has been used to annotate over 93,000 data sets totaling over 34  terabases. With metagenomic sequencing finding even wider adoption in the scientific community,  the existing web-based analysis tools and infrastructure in MG-RAST provide limited capability for comparative analysis (i.e., number of datasets). Moreover, although the system provides many  analysis tools, it is not comprehensive. By opening MG-RAST up via a web services API (application programmers interface) we have enabled unprecedented access to MG-RAST data as well as provided a mechanism for the use of third-party analysis tools with MG-RAST data. This RESTful API makes all data and data objects created by the MG-RAST pipeline accessible as JSON objects.