Argonne National Laboratory

Scalable Multiphysics Network Simulation Using PETSc DMNetwork

TitleScalable Multiphysics Network Simulation Using PETSc DMNetwork
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMaldonado, D, Abhyankar, S, Smith, BF, Zhang, H
Report NumberANL/MCS-P7065-0617
AbstractA scientific framework for simulations of large-scale networks, such as is required for the analysis of critical infrastructure interaction and interdependencies, is needed for applications on exascale computers. Such a framework must be able to manage heterogeneous physics and unstructured topology, and must be reusable. To this end we have developed DMNetwork, a class in PETSc that provides data and topology management and migration for network problems, along with multiphysics solvers to exploit the problem structure. It eases the application development cycle by providing the necessary infrastructure through simple abstractions to define and query the network. This paper presents the design of the DMNetwork, illustrates its user interface, and demonstrates its ability to solve large network problems through the numerical simulation of a water pipe network with more than 2 billion variables on extreme-scale computers using up to 30,000 processor cores.