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Scheduling in the Grid Application Development Software Project

TitleScheduling in the Grid Application Development Software Project
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsDail, H, Sievert, O, Berman, F, Casanova, H, YarKhan, A, Vadhiyar, S, Dongarra, J, Liu, C, Yang, L, Angulo, D, Foster, IT
Series TitleGrid Resource Management
Date Published08/2003
InstitutionKluwer Academic
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1077-0803

<p>Developing Grid applications is a challenging endeavor that at the moment requires both extensive labor and expertise. The Grid Application Development Software Project (GrADS) provides a system to simplify Grid application development. This system incorporates tools at all stages of the application development and execution cycle. In this chapter we focus on application scheduling, and present the three scheduling approaches developed in GrADS: development of an initial application schedule (launch-time scheduling), modification of the execution platform during e3xecution (rescheduling), and negotiation between multiple applications in the system (metascheduling). These approaches have been developed and evaluated for platforms that consist of distributed networks of shared workstations, and applied to real-world parallel applications.</p>