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SHARP Assembly-Scale Multiphysics Demonstration Simulations

TitleSHARP Assembly-Scale Multiphysics Demonstration Simulations
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsTautges, TJ, Fischer, PF, Grindeanu, I, Jain, R, Mahajan, A, Obabko, AV, Smith, MA, Merzari, E, Ferencz, R
Document NumberANL/MCS-NE-13-9

The NEAMS Reactor Product Line effort aims to develop an integrated multiphysics simulation capability for the design and analysis of future generations of nuclear power plants. The Reactor Product Line code suite’s multi-resolution hierarchy is being designed to ultimately span the full range of length and time scales present in relevant reactor design and safety analyses, as well as scale from desktop to petaflop computing platforms.

In this report, we describe our efforts to integrate thermal/hydraulics, neutronics, and structural mechanics modeling codes to perform coupled analysis of a representative fast sodium-cooled reactor fuel assembly. Over the past five years, the Reactor Product Line effort has developed high-fidelity single-physics codes for neutron transport modeling, in the PROTEUS code, and Large Eddy Simulation- based thermal/fluid modeling in the Nek5000 code. Both these codes have been exercised on over 100,000 processors of the IBM Blue Gene/P. The Diablo code has been used to perform structural mechanics and thermo-mechanical modeling. MOAB, the Reactor Geometry Generator (RGG), and MeshKit have been developed to generate and manipulate mesh and mesh-based data, in both serial and parallel environments.

These tools together form a strong basis on which to build a multi-physics modeling capability. The goal of developing such a tool is to perform multi-physics neutronics, thermal/fluid, and structural mechanics modeling of the components inside a reactor core. While the focus of this report is on modeling a fast sodium-cooled reactor, it is also the goal that this simulation tool be useful for most reactor types.