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A Survey on Resource Allocation in High Performance Distributed Computing Systems

TitleA Survey on Resource Allocation in High Performance Distributed Computing Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHussain, H, Malik, SUR, Hameed, A, Khan, SU, Bickler, G, Min-Allah, N, Qureshi, MB, Zhang, L, Yongji, W, Ghani, N, Kolodziej, J, Zomaya, AY, Xu, C, Balaji, P, Vishnu, A, Pinel, F, Pecero, JE, Kliazovich, D, Bouvry, P, Li, H, Wang, L, Chen, D, Rayes, A
JournalParallel Computing
Date Published11/2013
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P5060-0114

An efficient resource allocation is a fundamental requirement in high performance computing (HPC) systems. Many projects are dedicated to large-scale distributed comput- ing systems that have designed and developed resource allocation mechanisms with a variety of architectures and services. In our study, through analysis, a comprehensive survey for describing resource allocation in various HPCs is reported. The aim of the work is to aggregate under a joint framework, the existing solutions for HPC to provide a thor- ough analysis and characteristics of the resource management and allocation strategies. Resource allocation mechanisms and strategies play a vital role towards the performance improvement of all the HPCs classifications. Therefore, a comprehensive discussion of widely used resource allocation strategies deployed in HPC environment is required, which is one of the motivations of this survey. Moreover, we have classified the HPC systems into three broad categories, namely: (a) cluster, (b) grid, and (c) cloud systems and define the characteristics of each class by extracting sets of common attributes. All of the aforementioned systems are cataloged into pure software and hybrid/hardware solutions. The system classification is used to identify approaches followed by the implementation of existing resource allocation strategies that are widely presented in the literature.