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Using the Metagenomics RAST Server (MG-RAST) for Analyzing Shotgun Metagenomes

TitleUsing the Metagenomics RAST Server (MG-RAST) for Analyzing Shotgun Metagenomes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGlass, EM, Wilkening, J, Wilke, A, Antonopoulos, DA, Meyer, F
Date Published11/2009
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1695-1109

Shotgun metagenomics creates millions of fragments of short DNA reads, meaningless unless analyzed appropriately. The Metagenomics RAST server (MG-RAST) is a web-based, open source system that offers a unique suite of tools for analyzing these data sets. After dereplication and quality control, fragments are mapped against a comprehensive nonredundant database (NR). A phylogenetic reconstruction and a metabolic reconstruction are computed from the set of hits against the NR. The resulting data is made available for browsing, download, and�most important�comparison against a comprehensive collection of public metagenomes. A submitted metagenome is visible only to the user, unless the user makes it public or shares with other registered users. Public metagenomes are available to all.